Start Selling Today  

There’re a lot of reasons for you to open your own Store on StoneCash. Definitely the first one is to use this digital platform to deal with your existing customers.  The second one is to find new customers with the thousands of qualified operators like you who daily access to StoneCash marketplace.

Inventory and Customers Management 

Send your branded invitation tickets to your Store and build your targeted audience. Show your products only to your invited customers or restrict their visibility to a specific geographic area. Collect data and view statistics about your visitors and products’ views to build more effective marketing strategies.


Beside your own inventory you can offer thousands of other materials available on the marketplace. Select and add them to your online warehouse without further investment. Only once your customers book one of them you’ll have to order it from the original supplier. Buy only what the market is asking for.

Engage Your Customers

Thanks to a next-generation visualizer tool linked to your online store, clients, builders, architects, and interior designers can see all your materials in different room settings. This is the new  trendy way to “find and try” the most suitable products for a specific project.

Video Meetings & Webinar

Organise video meetings to discuss about your products and projects more in detail. Each member of your team can have a personalised video room. Let your customers feel free to choose and book the material directly on your Store after the call.  You can also organize private digital events and webinars under your brand.