LONDON – Stone Smart Fair will be open for business 24/7 later this month as a new type of online stone event.

Stone smartThe digital trade event will go live on May 27-29, produced by London-based Stone Fair, a specialist in online exhibitions, and StoneCash, a B2B e-procurement platform for natural stone.

Goods available through the event will include, but not be limited to, raw materials, blocks, slabs, machinery, tools and various stone applications.

In a press release announcing the show, organizers state that the event, doesn’t want to be an alternative to traditional exhibitions, but rather a complementary solution to facilitate trade.”

Unlike some online events that offer simulated show floors and attendee avatars, the show will include an interactive navigation map to find exhibitor booths, and feature interaction using fully encrypted video-meeting rooms and instant messaging.

The show will be open round-the-clock, with 24-hour service enabling companies from every time sone to interact at the time of their choosing.

Exhibitors can send out online tickets for the event to their customer base. Attendees, once registered, can go from booth to booth, but exhibitors will need to pay a €25-per-attendee fee for anyone they didn’t invite with a ticket.

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