Difference between SUCCESS and LUCK

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Ronnie Scott.      April 2021

Once upon a time, an experienced sales person told me: “You have to sell things people need and when they need it.” A simple concept, but one that involves strategic choices that make the difference between success and luck.
With this sentence in mind, I started my journey with business cards, brochures and a lot of useless paper. After having visited many customers and often without concluding anything, I found myself without material.
Who has never felt the feeling when you run out of all business cards and the last catalog is gone with them?
I didn’t have time to print more or have them mailed. So what could I do?
That evening, I received an email from the IT department that they have just finished installing the LIVE PAGE. At first, I didn’t know how this could help me for tomorrow’s meetings, but I kept reading. At the bottom, there were instructions on how to add the LIVE PAGE to my phone. I followed them and then I realised that this was the thing that would kick my business into action. I had all the inventory updated in real time on my phone and I could share it with a simple tap.
Immediately, I took back the orders that I had collected and I started sharing the products the clients had asked me for. I was like in a social media frenzy. I wrote all evening until I fell asleep exhausted. The next day, my worries were gone and I was showing the client the material he asked for from my phone. At that moment the confirmation messages with the other customers’ POs began to arrive.
The surprised customer said to me: “Hey man today is your lucky day. You sold.”
Smiling, I said to him: “It’s not luck with this tool. I can answer you at any time with the product you are looking for and without making you wait with price and conditions. Just like right now!”
So I left, sharing his invitation to my LIVE PAGE and without pressing him too close at that moment.
After a few hours, I received his message: “Hey man this system is great how do I activate it? By the way, this is the list of materials I need… Thanks for coming today I learned something great.”

I understood that I had sold twice and I will never forget that day.